Spider Control | Termite Prevention | Rodent Exclusion | White Footed Ants

Spider Control Program

Not many people like the idea of having their home overrun with spiders.  Spiders not only look frightening, but there are many spider bites that require hospital visits.  For years pest control companies have been telling customers that there is nothing that can be done with spiders.  The problem is, spiders are normally an insect that has to be treated on contact.  Because of the way that a spider lives it seemed that contact treatment was the only way.  Until now! 

ServiceMax USA now offers a solution to the problem!  Our Spider Control Program will keep you home spider-free for one year.  We do a complete home treatment that insures that you and you family are safe from these dangerous insects.   

Termite Prevention

Termite Prevention is one of the wisest decisions you could ever make.  Our proven method of dealing with termites before they arrive will ensure that your home is properly protected.

Rodent Exclusion

Rodents are a common problem in coastal areas of the United States. Rodents can enter your home through an opening the size of a quarter. The best way to control rodents is to make it impossible for them to enter the structure. During our rodent exclusion program, your home will be inspected. We will also trap and remove any rodents that are currently in your home. Many rodents carry diseases and should be looked at as a major health risk.

White Footed Ants

Several biological aspects of the white-footed ant make it a difficult pest to control, almost impossible to totally eliminate from an infested home:

  • Huge size (in population) of ant colonies.
  • Tremendous reproduction capabilities (through budding and swarming.)
  • Tiny body size enables entry to most structures, natural and man-made.
  • Nests (or ant beds) in a wide variety of areas, all connected and part of supercolony.
  • Not all foods are shared from foraging workers to larvae (making ant baits ineffective.)
  • Sterile workers lay unfertilized eggs; this is food for non-foraging members of the ant colony.

However, ServiceMax is the only company in Southwest Florida that has a perfected and proven low cost method of eliminating white footed ants. Contact us for a free consultation.